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Peoria County Bar Association

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Welcome to the Peoria County Bar Association

NEW - The Peoria County Bar Association has released a statement on racism. To read, click here

Special President's Message

First things first.  Please remember to look at our multiple events in November.  On November 4, 2020 we have Part II of a great Workers’ Compensation seminar series.  For Part II, our very capable committee members have recruited Chairman Michael Brennan of the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission to speak.  Furthermore, PCBA members Kevin Elder (Goldfine & Bowles, P.C.) and Jessica Bell (Heyl Royster) will provide a content filled case law update.  Anyone who ever files or defends workers’ compensation claims would be remiss in not attending this CLE event, especially with the recent changes in the law made during 2020.

The next major event we have in November is our 17th Annual Diversity Luncheon.  While a virtual event this year, our list of guests is very impressive.  We will hear from Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton who has earned a reputation for giving effective, motivational, and thoughtful speeches and talks.  Another real coup is the appearance of Wesley Bell, St. Louis County Prosecutor.  You may look up Mr. Bell on a number of websites and find many earmarks of a profile in courage.  Finally, Chief Demario Boone will bring the event home.  Mr. Boone will share his perspective with us as the Safety Administrator of Peoria Public Schools.  I strongly encourage you to attend this event, even if you have to prop up your screen with a sandwich from your local favorite take-out diner.  You will regret missing this event. 

Now for Gratitude.  That is not a word that is easily said or heard by many, not just because of the COVID-19 Pandemic but also due to the 2020 election rancor, and the social progress and unrest happening before all our eyes.  In addition, many of our members are experiencing their children having to change their lives and feel much angst.  As the adults, we must remind ourselves that we need to encourage our young people and each other so that everyone may safely learn and enjoy life these days.  At a minimum, we are all making minor to major painful adjustments in order to proceed with our personal and business lives.
So, in this Thanksgiving season, how does gratitude play a role? 

The famous Roman philosopher, stateman, and lawyer, Marcus Tullius Cicero said the following: “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”  Cicero framed the issue well and still advises us thousands of years later.  More recently Voltaire gave us possibly an easier way to motivate ourselves to achieve the same goal.  “Appreciation is a wonderful thing.  It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”  Think of your personal hero, give cheers, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

PCBA President,

Ambrose V.  McCall

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