Courts and Procedures Committee

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Richard W. Zuckerman, Chair
The Courts & Procedures Committee advises the Board of Directors on issues related to the several divisions of the circuit court including suggestions for changes to the local rules. The seven divisions of this committee are:

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Division
John T. Brady, Vice Chair
William K. Holman
Judge Jerelyn Maher-Schulz
John P. Nicoara
Civil Division
John P. Nicoara, Vice Chair
Timothy L. Bertschy
Mitchell P. Hedrick
John F. Kamin
Fadi B. Rustom
Daniel J. Smith
Steven A. Wakeman
Criminal Division
Christopher S. McCall, Vice Chair
Jeffrey R. Hall
Clyde B. "Sandy" Hendricks
Robert Pugh
Estate Division
Marci M. Shoff, Vice Chair
Anne D. Bartolo
Susan Dawson-Tibbits
Mary B. Etrick
James R. Grebe
Eric E. Hasselberg
Clyde B. “Sandy” Hendricks
Thomas M. Henry
James F. Kane
Lori S. Luncsford
Jane E. Ohaver
Family Division
John R. Pusey, Vice Chair
John T. Brady
Michael A. Fleming
Michael S. Firtz
Michael R. Hasselberg
Clyde B. “Sandy” Hendricks
William K. Holman
Michelle Eggert Jack
Philip L. Jaeger
James F. Kane
G. Edward Murphy
Drew L. Parker
Robert R. Parker
Ann R. Pieper
Daniel J. Smith
Charles J. Urban
Steven A. Wakeman
Federal Division
Joseph B. VanFleet, Vice Chair
Timothy L. Bertschy
Abby J. Clark
Gery R. Gasick
Thomas M. Henry
Michael R. Lied
Ambrose V. McCall
Traffic, Small Claims, Misdemeanor
Jeffrey R. Hall, Vice Chair
Robert E. Pugh
Daniel J. Smith
Honorable Lisa Y. Wilson

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