Board of Directors

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Craig S. Young, President
Timothy J. Howard, President-Elect and Budget Chair
Honorable Jerelyn D. Maher-Schulz, Second Vice President
Michele A. Miller, Secretary-Treasurer
James F. Kane, Past President and Nominating Chair
Nathaniel E. Strickler, By-Laws
Jonathan L. A. Phillips, Communications & Technology
Richard W. Zuckerman, Courts & Procedures
Robert H. Jennetten, Diversity
Jeffrey R. Bach and Mark M. Flannery, Entertainment
Ronald L. Hanna, Fitness, Health & Wellness
G. Allen Mayer, Government and Public Interest Las
Michele A. Miller, Law Library
James M. Rochford, Lawyer Referral Service
John M. Redlingshafer, Lincoln Memorial Banquet
Kevin M. Miller, Local Continuing Legal Ed
Nathan R. Bach, Membership
David B. Mueller, Memorials
Maureen T. Mulville, Pro Bono
John P. Heil, Jr., Public Relations
Mary E. Heck, Real Property
Ambrose V. McCall, Substantive Law
Jeffrey R. Bach, Young Lawyers and Law Day
Michael D. Gifford, Director at Large
Joshua D. Herman, Director at Large
John P. Nicoara, Director at Large

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Prairie State Legal Services

Prairie State Legal Services offers free legal services for low income persons.