Government and Public Interest Law Committee

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The mission of the Government and Public Interest Law Committee is cultivating and identifying opportunities for lawyers practicing in the academic, government and nonprofit sectors to advance the public good, enhance the delivery of public services, improve the lives of others and promote equal access to justice through a continuum of education, resource development, connectivity and public advocacy.

The following attorneys have agreed to serve on this committee:
Louis P. Milot, Chair
G. Allen Mayer, Vice Chair
Syed E. Ahmad
Nathan R. Bach
Ketura Baptiste
Denise E. Conklin
Michelle R. Eggert
Jami Webster Hall
Debbie A. Harper
Joshua D. Herman
David M. House
Daniel R. Jones
Lori S. Luncsford
Michele A. Miller
Robert E. Muir
Thomas J. Penn, Jr.
Ann R. Pieper
Patricia M. Redman
Sadiq Shariff
Nathaniel E. Strickler
Katherine L. Swise
Amira L. Vicari
Sonni Choi Williams
Hon. Lisa Y. Wilson

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