PCBA 2014 Distinguished Community Service Award

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The PCBA Distinguished Community Service Award was established in 1995 when the following resolution was unanimously passed by the Board of Directors of the Association:
WHEREAS, members of the Peoria County Bar Association have a long history of community activism in volunteer projects to improve the quality of life in the Peoria area;
WHEREAS, the Peoria County Bar Association continues to encourage community involvement by its members;
WHEREAS, those individuals among our membership who have exhibited long commitment to community service as a volunteer deserve to be recognized and honored;
BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of the Peoria County Bar Association hereby establish the DISTINGUISHED COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD recognizing each year one of our members whose record of longtime community volunteerism is exemplary and brings honor to both the Peoria area and this Association.

Past recipients are:

William Rutherford, Rex Linder, Tim Bertschy, David Mueller, Tim Cassidy, Justice Mary McDade, Donald Jackson, Karl Kuppler, Craig Young, William Connor, Karen Stumpe, Judge Michael Mihm , Matthew Jone and last year's recipient, Hon. John A. Gorman.

Jeffrey Krumpe, with the Peoria firm of Miller, Hall & Triggs, is the 2014 Distinguished Community Service Award recipient.  Jeff was nominated for the award by Pam Perrilles of Peoria County CASA.  Pam presented the award at the February 8 Lincoln Banquet & Gala.  Jeff began his advocacy years ago when he graduated from law school, and served on the board of Peoria Friendship House from 2006-2010 where he served as President for two years.  He has advocated for children as Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) since September, 2010.  Pam explained that while most CASA Volunteers have just one case, she considers Jeff to be a "super CASA," as he was appointed to two separate cases which consisted of a total of seven children.  During Jeff's time with CASA he assisted in the closure of four children's cases.  What this means is that four children have achieved permanence and stability in their lives --due in part to the tireless efforts of Jeff.  In addition to normal CASA Volunteer duties, he has also served as a peer trainer on courtroom procedures and demeanor for other CASAs.  He also recruits and cultivates other citizens by his example as a clear voice for voiceless abused and neglected children.  We thank him for making a difference in many children's lives.

Nomination Forms must be returned (to the PCBA Office) or submitted NO LATER than January 1, 2015.


I nominate the following member of the Peoria County Bar Association for the 2015 Distinguished Community Service Award:

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