General Administrative Orders

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Gen. Ord. 1 Chief Judge, Selection, Removal

(a) Chief Judge Term. After the first Monday in December of each even-numbered year, the Chief Judge shall call a meeting of all the Circuit Judges for the purpose of electing a Chief Judge in accordance with paragraph (b)herein. The term of the Chief Judge shall be for a period of two years and shall commence on the first Monday of January next following the election.

(b) Election of Chief Judge, Ballot. Whenever a Chief Judge is to be selected, a ballot containing the names of all of the Circuit Judges shall be given to each Judge who shall indicate thereon his selection as Chief Judge. An election committee appointed by the Chief Judge, or Acting Chief Judge, as the case may be, shall canvass the votes and shall announce the votes cast on each ballot for each Judge. If on any ballot a Judge receives the votes of a majority of the Circuit Judges, that Judge shall be declared elected as Chief Judge.

(c) Removal of Chief Judge. At any time a majority of the Circuit Judges may, by written order, call a meeting of the Judges at a time and place stated therein. A copy of such order shall be delivered, or mailed postage prepaid, to each Circuit Judge not joining therein at least five days before the time fixed for the meeting. At such meeting, the Judges shall vote by ballot whether the Chief Judge shall be removed from such office. If a majority of such Judges vote for such removal, the Chief Judge is thereby removed from office and the Judges shall thereupon proceed to select a new Chief Judge to take office at once.

(d) Resignation of Chief Judge. If the Chief Judge shall at any time desire to resign from such office, he shall call a meeting of the Circuit Judges and present his resignation. If the resignation is accepted, the Judges shall thereupon proceed to select a new Chief Judge to take office at once.

(e) Vacancy in the Office of Chief Judge. Should the office of Chief Judge at any time become vacant from any cause not provided for in this Order, the Acting Chief Judge shall call a meeting of the Circuit Judges for the purpose of selecting a new Chief Judge to take office at once.

(f) Acting Chief Judge. In the absence or incapacity of the Chief Judge, the Circuit Judge having the highest seniority of judicial service shall be the Acting Chief Judge.

Gen. Ord. 2 Filing and Identification of Proceedings

(a) When an action or proceeding is commenced, the Clerk shall give such a general number which shall be endorsed on all pleadings, notices, orders, and other papers filed therein. Such numbering shall indicate the year in which such action or proceeding was commenced, the case identification prescribed by the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, and its consecutive general number. Pending actions or proceedings shall continue under the numbers heretofore assigned.

(b) The files in the Clerk's office in all cases or proceedings shall be kept under the system known as "flat filing" and all papers of every kind and character presented to the Clerk for filing shall be 8-1/2þ X 11" in size flat, unfolded and without color backs.

Gen. Ord. 3 Withdrawal of Files From the Clerks

Except as otherwise ordered, Clerks shall permit inspection of all files and records of cases in their respective offices. The Clerk shall not permit an original file to be withdrawn from his office or offices other than upon the direction or order of a Judge of this court, except that any reporter of this court may, without order, withdraw files and an attorney of this court may withdraw files upon giving the Clerk a receipt therefore signed by the person removing the files, the date received, and the time within which same shall be returned to the Clerk. Any such files so withdrawn shall not be removed from the confines of the Courthouse except upon prior order of the Court.

Gen. Ord. 4 Office Hours of the Clerks

The office of the respective Clerks of the Circuit Court of Peoria County and of Tazewell County shall be open for business on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of each week during the hours from 9:00 o'clock a.m. until 5:00 o'clock p.m. (legal holidays and times the Courthouse in their respective counties is closed by the order of the Board of Supervisors excepted.) Such office in the Counties of Marshall, Putnam, and Stark shall be open for business on the above-mentioned days from 9:00 o'clock a.m. .o 12:00 o'clock noon, and from 1:00 o'clock p.m. to 5:00 o'clock p.m. The respective clerks in any County of the Tenth Judicial Circuit may keep said offices open during any of the aforesaid excepted times, or at such other times as may be necessary or convenient, if they so desire, or if so directed by the Court.

Gen. Ord. 5 Reports by the Clerks

The respective Circuit Clerks shall promptly comply with all requests made by the Supreme Court for information, statistical data, reports, and other matters prescribed by statute, and shall also comply with re-quest of the Chief Judge or his designee for information, data and reports of matters pertaining to his office or the records of the court.

Gen. Ord. 6 Civil Trial Calendars in Jury Demand Cases

(a) The Preparation of Trial Calendars. In Peoria and Tazewell Counties, one continuous Trial Calendar for civil jury demand cases will be had. Cases on the trial calendar will be called for trial on the days they are set and may be continued or reset for good cause. In Marshall, Putnam, and Stark Counties, Trial Calendars will be prepared and the trial of cases will be had as may be directed by the Presiding Judge of those respective counties upon notice of at least 21 days to the attorney involved in the cases at issue.

(b) Pre-Trials. Pre-trial conferences of cases will be scheduled as directed by the Chief Judge or the Presiding Judge.

(c) Trial of Combined Legal and Equitable Issues. Where in a single suit there arise legal and equitable issues requiring different modes of trial, the equitable issues wherever possible shall be tried and determined in advance of the legal.

Gen. Ord. 7 Peremptory Calendars Peremptory and regular calendars of civil cases, jury and non-jury, may be prepared upon the order of the Chief Judge or the Presiding Judge of a court when deemed necessary or expedient, and upon notice thereof being given 21 days prior thereto by the Clerk of the court in the manner prescribed by the Chief Judge or the Presiding Judge. Upon the making of peremptory calendars, the Clerk shall cause to be prepared a sufficient number of copies for the use of the Court and the Bar. The Clerk, prior to trials, shall mail one copy to the attorneys whose names appear on said calendar. At the convening of court each day, during the call of any peremptory calendar, all of the cases on said calendars which are set for that particular day will be called for trial and unless it appears to the court from a party in interest, or his attorney, that a cause is ready for trial, the same will be dismissed for want of prosecution, except for good cause shown.

Gen. Ord. 8 Bonds of Clerks

Pursuant to 705 ILCS 105/4, before entering upon their duties the Clerks of Marshall, Stark and Putnam Counties shall provide a bond in the amount of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00), and the Clerks of Peoria and Tazewell Counties shall provide a bond in the amount of One Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($150,000.00).

Gen. Ord. 9 Sales in Chancery Matters

It is ordered that in chancery matters a Judge designated by the Presi ding Judge of that court shall hold sales, issue certificates of sales, and execute deeds, as provided by statute. All proceeds of such sales shall be paid directly to and deposited with the Clerk of the court that directed such sale, unless otherwise ordered, and shall be distributed by the Clerk in accordance with the order of the Court.

Gen. Ord. 10 Organization and Divisions of Court

Provisions for the divisions of the courts, general or specialized, and for the time for holding court and the assignment of the Judges to man the courts, will be made from time to time by the Chief Judge.

Gen. Ord. 11 Grand Jurors

It is ordered that the Grand Jury shall be called in the various counties of the circuit and sit at such time and for such periods as ordered by the Court on its own motion or on the motion of the State's Attorney.

Gen. Ord. 12 Petit Jurors

Petit jurors shall be summoned to appear on such days and in such numbers as may be designated by the Presiding Judge. Petit jurors shall sit at such times as the Court may order and may be recessed from time to time to a day certain or subject to recall until discharged by the Presiding Judge. Whenever a jury may be required for the trial of a case pending in a division other than a trial division, the Presiding Judge thereof may impanel a jury from the panel of petit jurors summoned by the trial division.


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