Young Lawyers Committee

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The Young Lawyers Committee not only serves as a springboard to get new PCBA members involved in the Bar Association, but it is also responsible for community service projects, Project Santa, and Law Day activities, including school speaking events and the Law Day Luncheon.

David B. Wieste, Chair
Emily J. Perkins, Vice Chair

Jeffrey R. Bach
John T. D. Bathke
Jessica M. Bell
Wade Blumenshine
Jennifer Bonesteel
Logan Block
Caroline E. Borden
Adam A. Bowton
Vincent M. Boyle
Matthew A. Brewer
Paul M. Brodersen, Sr.
Brandon J. Brown
Kathleen Carter
Gabe Casey
Caroline Cassidy
Andrew R. Crouch
Christina Cullom
Kevin Day
Abigail M. Fleming
Michael M. Fritz
Mitch Gilfillan
Kelly R. Giraudo
Nina R. Gougis
Timothy Gronewold
Mitchell P. Hedrick
Joshua D. Herman
Robert J. Hills
Jesse P. Hodierne
Colt W. Johnson
Mary Kanowski
Brad W. Keller
Casey C. Kepple
Katherine G. Legge
Brigette M. Lobacz
Kateah McMasters
Tamara Meister
Ashley M. Miller
Emily Perkins
Jonathan L. A. Phillips
Joey Pishghadamian
Tyler J. Pratt
Yolanda Riley
C. Frazier Satterly
Melissa Schoenbein
Katherine L. Swise
Robert Tenney
Michael Toren
James VanRheeden
Amira L. Vicari
Kerrianne Waters

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