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The Pro Bono Committee coordinates the Pro Bono efforts of the Peoria County Bar Association and the Peoria County Pro Bono Plan, which is a joint effort between the Association and Prairie State Legal Services. Members of this committee have served in the capacity of a conflicts panel. In addition, the committee has been charged with seeking out and recognizing the Peoria County Pro Bono Firm and Lawyer of the Year.

David M. House, Chair
Maureen T. Mulville, Vice Chair
Sandra Crow (Pro Bono Coordinator)
Shirley Coers (Prairie State Representative)
Dominick M. Moore (Caterpillar Representative)
Adam A. Bowton
Denise E. Conklin
Daniel M. Cordis 
Andrew R. Crouch 
Michelle Eggert
Michael A. Fleming
Steven P. Glancy
Debbie A. Harper
Michele A. Miller
Cathy A. Molchin
John R. Pusey
Gerard Rickert
Kimberly A. Sarff
Marci M. Shoff
Nathaniel E. Strickler
Maureen Williams
Hon. Lisa Y. Wilson

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