Local Continuing Legal Education Committee

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The Local Continuing Legal Education Committee oversees all continuing legal education provided by the Association. 

Brad A. Elward, Chair 
Kevin M. Miller, Vice Chair
Hon. Michael E. Brandt
Susan Dawson-Tibbits
Joseph G. Feehan
Michael R. Hasselberg 
Timothy J. Howard  John F. Kamin
James F. Kane
James P. Lawson
Michael R. Lied 
Hon. Jerelyn Maher-Schulz
Ambrose V. McCall
John P. Nicoara
Scott R. Paulsen
Carol J. Perkins
Heather J. Russo  Christopher J. Spanos
Valerie Moehle Umholtz
Jo Tewes Wetherill
Emily H. Wilburn
Sonni Choi Williams
Nile J. Williamson
Richard W. Zuckerman

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