Diversity Pledge

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To provide equal employment opportunities for all, I pledge to:

1. Provide equal opportunities to all applicants for employment, avoiding
discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, sexual
orientation, disability and age.
2. Support the efforts of the Peoria County Bar Association to increase the number of
minority lawyers practicing in the area through our hiring practices.
3. Promote an attitude within our organization which is open and welcoming to minority
lawyers, staff and clients.
4. Publicly list job openings in newspapers or periodicals with a large minority
circulation so that interested minority candidates have an opportunity to apply.
5. Identify the organization as an equal opportunity employer in recruitment materials
including those posted and distributed at law schools.
6. Identify law schools in the region with minority students and actively recruit at those
7. If we have or anticipate having openings for lawyer positions, participate in the
Minority Job Forum and other similar events sponsored by the Peoria County Bar
8. If potentially qualified minority job applicants send resumes or otherwise express
interest in openings, invite those applicants to our office for a face to face interview.

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